08 September 2015 @ 10:00 pm
September 8th
Isla Empieza


There is a faint ringing in your ears that's not unpleasant and a strange sense of something that might be a little hard to identify. The explosion scattered people far and wide, even the strongest unable to stand up against it, but opening your eyes you will see a blue sky -- scrubbed clean of green clouds and turmoil. In the near distance, there are the cheery tones of a fountain. In the far distance, the sound of the sea and calling seagulls.

Isla Empieza lies in ruin still, and there are corpses here and there. Some old. Some new. But even they seem to be at rest.

At some point not long after, Dog will step up through the rubble to take the Piedra Roja from the hands of the one who holds it. She looks at it for a moment, the pulsing glow of the stone flickering across her unmasked and otherwise plain looking face. Somehow, she looks invigorated simply by holding the stone.

"Ye'll have twelve more hours, or thereabouts, ta make yer decision," she says. "My Meep and I can keep it goin' for that long, I think. Stay or go as ye choose. But make yer choice wisely. There's no goin' back after this."

But then, after a moment, she smiles. And it doesn't seem she's quite used to it, but it's a genuine emotion of happiness and, maybe, relief?

"Yer the biggest bunch of morons I've ever come across," she says. "But thankee." Then she covers the gem with her hands and lifts her head.

"But before then, let's have a celebration! I'm sure we can bully somethin' up! And ye can't go wi'out a party ta send ye off!"

So enjoy your twelve hours, outworlders. Choose your fates, but heed Dog's warning. If you choose to leave, you cannot come back. If you choose to stay, you might well never return home.

And if you do decide to escape this world, know that the only path open to you is the one that will return you to your own home. You'll find yourself brought back to the exact moment you were pulled from, none the wiser that you had this adventure. Oh, there might be a stutter in your step for a moment. A fleeting feeling of surprise to be where you are, that you will quickly decide makes no sense before you go about your day.

At night, however, you might find your dreams strange. Full of wispy memories that vanish like tendrils of smoke should you try to latch onto them. The smell of saltwater might fill your senses, and perhaps you feel a gentle rocking, like you're asleep amongst unfamiliar ocean waves. There could even be the thumping of a heartbeat, and the fading image of a pulsing red jewel.

But all of that is ridiculous.

Because surely you never visited another world, or lived a second life as a pirate.


07 September 2015 @ 06:30 pm

August 31st - September 7th
Isla Empieza


As the battle with Davy Jones rages on, down below the city of Isla Empieza, in a mysterious seaside cave, a few outworlders are attempting to reach a certain pirate's heart. The path is dangerous, but once they finally make it across the blood-like pool, Celestia begins to sing.

While she does, the water around them starts to bubble and churn ominously. The pulsing red light seems to flicker for a moment, and the thumping sound stutters along with it before it picks up again in tempo, growing louder as the song continues.

The shard inside the heart starts to glow, matching Celestia's own glowing horn, and it almost seems to be vibrating from within its place in Davy Jones heart. Waves crash against the small bit of rocky ground Celestia and Lyrik are standing on and as the crescendo in Celestia's song reaches its climax, the shard rips free of the heart, zooming toward the pair before slamming to a halt in midair and hovering innocently in front of them, pulsing gently—

And then the water in the cave explodes around them.

The heart left behind shudders angrily as a screeching sound bursts from it, then it crumples in on itself, shriveling and turning black, eventually crumbling until there's nothing but dust left.

Above them, something odd happens in the fight with Davy Jones. For a moment, he lurches forward and collapses as though someone dealt him a particularly heavy blow. It's not his attackers, though, but rather a keenly felt sense of something very wrong happening. A cold feeling of dread that lances his chest, settling in the empty spot where his heart should have been. The heart that no longer exists... That has been destroyed by the very outsiders that he himself called upon to aid him in returning it to his rightful place through the blasted Piedra Roja.

Lucky for him, at least, that Cat provided him with this body to work with. This vessel that seems yet unwilling to give up.

Will an almighty bellow, he'll charge back into the fight, but it's different now. More will be able to land a hit, and the damage will be felt. Davy Jones is weakened, and now is the time to finish what's been started.

But, as with all injured things, he will lash out more viciously now. Dangerously. And he will be desperate to get his hands on the one thing that will finally, finally still be able to restore him and make him whole.

Elsewhere, near that mysterious mermaid fountain, another young pair is pestering Meep. Draco and Ariel, back in this world again, discovered the soft melody the man had left in the journals and decided to actually make use of it. With Ariel singing and Draco keeping watch, the two of them summon all the shards of the gem to themselves, watching as they join together piece by piece in the air above the mermaid statue's outstretched hand.

Unfortunately for them, such a sight is not easily ignored, nor is the power rippling off the gem as it slowly forms again. Davy Jones, battered and almost defeated, finds within him the strength to make one last furious bid for the thing he has so long searched for. Decades of being trapped at the bottom of the ocean, betrayed by his crew and with only limited magic at his disposal, built up over the years until he could use it to pull in others to do his bidding, bitterly having to rely on them, wait for them, wait for even one thing to go his way...

It all comes down to this.

With a roar, he breaks free from the battle, lunges for the Piedra Roja with all his might, and when his hand closes around the complete gem, victory right there in his grasp

The world seems to shift and tighten as lightning cracks and Davy Jones opens his mouth, but it's Dog's voice that speaks, rising from the mist.

"Are ye lot daft?! Cut off his fucking hand!"

It's up to you to save the day as the final battle draws to a close.
31 August 2015 @ 11:11 pm

August 31st - September 7th
Isla Empieza


The time has come. The way to Empieza is open. The mists still swirl around and the low, greenish cloud hangs heavy over the island, flickering with green lightning. But now there is a way to get in and a place to weigh anchor. The Navs seem to have stopped functioning, though. Pity.

In any case, there is a path to the central plaza of Empieza, bordered on either side by mist that feels caustic to the touch and seems almost ready to break free. From either side and within the mist are screams that linger as they fade, rattling growls, and other sounds that could induce nightmares in even the bravest of souls.

And somewhere in the mist lies Davy Jones, the rest of the shards, and a battle that will decide the outcome of this world...and yourselves.

Who: Thash and Faye and everyone else, including you.
Where: Island of Eternal Bliss
When: Today
What: A wedding and reception!
Warnings: Partying and passion
Style: Any
Status: Wide open!

Despite the general feeling of impending doom that has settled over most people, two at least are intent on enjoying themselves today and helping everyone else relax and have fun while they're at it. Welcome to the wedding of Thash and Faye Valentine.

Most of the wedding seems to be taking place in a large, beautifully landscaped outdoor area. There's perfectly trimmed grass, ponds, trees, flowers, arches, and little stone paths all over an area that can best be described as a large garden. It's fully catered so you'll find tables of delicious food everywhere, including drinks. Soft music floats through the air from a live band over near a happily decorated pavilion and ceremonial gazebo.

About a week prior the couple had made a point of inviting all outworlders to the wedding, so come enjoy yourself while you can.

((ooc: there will be some prompts for different events of the wedding, but feel free to make your own))


09 August 2015 @ 11:30 pm

Who: Anyone who expressed interest in going after Meep and received a letter from Scurvey Dog.
Where: Anygrav Moon
When: August 9th-22nd
What: The mission begins! Dog asked for help rescuing Meep and it's you lot who've responded. Try to bring him back in one piece, eh?
Warnings: Possible violence...?
Style: Any!
Status: Closed to those involved!

The island is covered by a familiar mist that rolls across the ground. Fortunately for you, it's not going to bring nightmares to life this time, but it definitely lends to the general feeling of unease that fills the place. That isn't helped by the fact that though the population here was never very large, it certainly must be even smaller now.

It's the dead, lifeless husks along the beach that make that much obvious.

There's no sign of battle, and all the bodies appear unmarked. It's as though they suddenly dropped right where they were standing, as if something completely and abruptly drained them of energy.

Watch your step as you make your way inland. Wouldn't it be a shame if the same thing happened to you?
22 July 2015 @ 06:24 pm
Who: Robin and Marco
Where: Million Merrily
When: after this thread
What: Sacrifice. Science?
Warnings: Blood, dark magic, possession
Style: Whatever
Status: Closed, incomplete

And she's gonna make a devil out of me )
Who: Hazzizles fo shizzle
Where: On the Nightfury (The boat! Just imagine Toothless carrying all of them.)
When: 7/20 onwards
What: People are hurting, we should fix that.
Warnings: Gonna rub alcohol on the injured Kitty, there will probably be swearing...in chinese.
Style: Whatever you want!
Status: Still breathing

Preparing the drinking alcohol and rubbing alcohol )
10 July 2015 @ 11:52 pm
[The morning of the race is cloudy and oppressive with a muggy heat, but there’s a general cheer and anticipatory air, though everyone seems to be looking over their shoulders for someone or something. In any case, whether you are spectating or participating, the race starts off much as it did last year.

Except the announcer this year sounds a little more apprehensive? Perhaps it has something to do with the Naval Ships threaded among the participants, or some number of the crews looking dead-eyed, wearing faintly pulsing shards and staring upward at the peak of the rushing water.

This is the 111th Annual Great Ghost Race! Now, participants!]

08 July 2015 @ 12:26 am
Who: Anyone and everyone!
Where: Port Chance
When: July 7th-10th
What: Food, Fun, and preparation for the Great Ghost Race. And...well...maybe a little conspiracy.
Status: Very Open!

It is typical for a festival before a race day, and people who have been there before will not find much different... There are the usual games and food and various entertainments like fire eaters and snake charmers and throwing swords at the lovely ladies to see if they'll get skewered or not--

However, there is something else, as well. An undercurrent of something like anticipation. There are certainly more Navy men about. More than a few Naval ships are docked at these ports and they are after anyone suspicious, searching them down -- but for what? Well, seeing them pull ruby red shards off a few pirates might be a clue.

Your shards, too, are glowing and have been since at least early that morning. What it means, no one seems to know...or they are reluctant to say. Some are more shifty-eyed than others but trying to pry information from them is difficult. It's almost as if they are afraid of something far worse than anything you can do to them.

Still, despite the tension, that doesn't stop pirates from having fun -- and the night before the race there will be a gigantic party complete with a bonfire, fireworks, and everything you could hope for to have fun. Returning to the ships, however, you may find that they've been riffled through as if someone or something is looking for something. For those staying on guard, you might catch or dismember some swift footed zombies that only seem intent on getting away before diving through the Nav.

Isn't that curious?
Who: Selphie, the Spades, and friends!
What: Just a little birthday celebration.
Where: The Sun
When: 16th July - Selphie's 20th Birthday!
Warnings: Cuddles and Fun! (Plus it gets a little hot in here! Those cuddles aren't so innocent anymore! Phew!)
Status: For Spades - and any friends that Selphie might have invited along.


This year, Selphie didn't want to throw a flash party. Things were getting stranger, and people were disappearing all the time, so she didn't feel comfortable with having a huge celebration. Instead, she set up just a nice, cosy party for her crew and her friends. She wasn't sure who knew when her birthday was anymore, and she certainly didn't think it would be top of anyone's priorities right now, but birthdays are her favourite, so she wasn't going to miss out completely.

On the deck of The Sun Selphie has draped coloured streamers around, and there are bunches of colourful balloons here and there. There's a table with refreshments and snack which Selphie has (thankfully) bought and not made. Her guitar is near by for some musical entertainment if need be. But really she just wants to have a nice time with her friends, so she'll be sorting the refreshments or sitting comfortably on the scatter of cushions she's put out. As far as Selphie goes, the event is very low key. That doesn't stop her from getting herself all dressed up though - her hair is up, and she has on a flattering glittery shade of eyeshadow, and a pretty red lipstick, complete with a brand new dress that she bought. It's her birthday, she gets to wear what she wants.

The crew will see that she's put a party together, and she might have mentioned something to some non-Spades too. Come mingle!

21 June 2015 @ 08:16 pm
Who: The Strawhat Pirates
What: Lorelai's Death By Zombie
Where: The Deck of the Merrily and The Sea Below
When: June 21st near midnight.
Warnings: Death/Mauling/Dismemberment/Drowning/Zombie Feeding
Status: Closed to Crew

Let's Give Her A Hand, Shall We )
15 June 2015 @ 05:39 pm
Who: The Strawhat Pirates
Where: Crises Island 15th-19th, Sailing Log 21st-24th, Red Rum Island 24th-29th
What: Your usual shenanigans, now with zombies
Warnings: None
Status: Openish

Just another day, really )
14 June 2015 @ 07:13 pm
Who: Hazmats!
Where: at sea and at Arco da Vella
When: June.
What: zombies. Also exploring Arco and seeing its own brand of weirdness, looking for treasure, etc.
Warnings: maybe some zombie violence
Style: whatever
Status: closed to Hazmats

stay alive, my friends )
01 June 2015 @ 03:06 pm
Who: The crew of the Katabami
Where: Gamboller's Berth
When: June-ish
What: General crew log
Style: Any
Status: Closed to crew

Motochika and Ragna have survived a year of marriage (somehow). This is definitely a cause for celebration! And entering the armadillo in races so they can gamble away all their money on him. And gambling away what money they have left after the armadillo race. Basically, this is what happens after they've been without adult supervision for months.
23 May 2015 @ 03:19 am
Who: You!
Where: Li Yu Tiao
When: May 24th - 31st
What: The Festival of Dragons!
Status: Open!

Read more... )
11 May 2015 @ 02:56 am
Who: The crew of the Katabami
Where: Isla de Bobo
When: May-ish
What: General crew log
Warnings: Unsupervised morons
Style: Any
Status: Closed to crew

Bereft of anything resembling a responsible adult, the Katabami sails on and ends up just about where one would expect.
Who: The Bloody Roses
Where: Docked at Isla Empieza
When: May 8th until May 15th
What: Mandatory Tea Party
Warnings: Grell being irritable, no one liking her tea.
Style: Any!
Status: Closed to the crew

don't even think about wasting the tea! )
08 May 2015 @ 03:16 pm
Who: The Spades
Where: Sailing, then Anygrav Moon
When: After the Summit, Before the Festival
What: Sailing, and exploring gravity.
Warnings: Who knows? There's probs swearing. Maybe a bit of violence. Drinking might be a thing.
Status: For Spades

Spades - we've been at the summit, fought off the Navy. Now time for sailing - and some fun at Anygrav Moon! Be good and have fun!
02 May 2015 @ 05:53 pm

Who: Thash, Faye and Namur 
Where: At sea on the Gilded Rose
When: now
Warnings: Blood n violence n such. Possibly some heated sharky arguments?
Status: closed for now to those specified
30 April 2015 @ 01:40 pm
Who: The Strawhats
Where: Sailing Log, Legends of the Hidden Island 05/02-05/03, Sakura Drift 05/05-?
When: 04/26th-?
What: Sailing around, doing typical Strawhat type things
Warnings: None
Status: Semi-open. If you're around feel free to drop in

To a real goodbye )