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Welcome to the Host Club

Who: Absolutely anyone
What: The Host Club is open for business!
Where: Antoinette, currently docked at Isla Empieza
When: February 7th - 14th (+ additional dates for crew members)
Style: Whatever you want
Status: Mostly open, some sections closed to crew members
Warnings: None. Will add if necessary.

Loans have been issued, furniture has been supplied, and food had been bought.

The deck of the Antoinette is plainly decorated. There are a few rugs about, but, for the most part, small tables are arranged with couches and chairs. Platters of food are waiting, mostly sandwiches and sweets. Little snacks. There's plenty of hot water kept on hand, too, for tea or commoner's instant coffee.

The Host Club are looking their best, even though their best might be a little more ragged than they would otherwise appear.

Posters have been put up around town, advertising the opening of the Royal Host Club, specifying the Antoinette's location, and disclosing the offer of refreshments.

On the 13th, things will only get more interesting when a bowl of candy appears overnight and adds to the Host Club experience.

(Please feel free to specify dates for interactions in the subheadings below and make your own subheadings if there's something else you want to see.)
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feb 11th

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[Host Club, Tamaki had said. She's not sure what exactly that entails, but she's not expecting a sort of party to be going on. With lots of chairs. Where did the chairs come from?

She looks around in confusion (where the sammiches) as she steps on board, trying to wave off the question about her type, feeling awkward because of it but also because she's incredibly underdressed compared to everyone else. With her dirty war uniform, which consists of: loose blank pants, a black shirt, and a frumpy green flak jacket she sticks out.]

Ahaha, no! I don't really have a type like that!

[Maybe the 'cool type'? There was no Sasuke type... Besides! She just came for the food and to thank Tamaki for the invite. She's starving from fighting in a war for two days straight and has no chakra to speak of.]
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[She DOES feel embarrassed. With all the pirates and locals around though, she's not expecting something like this.

Food, yes, great. She will enjoy that. She visibly looks more happy now, face brightening.

They're very proper. All she can really do is bow her head politely at him.]

Thank you very much... um?
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[Really proper. And nice.

She smiles too.]

Haruno Sakura. [Before she moves to the food, she is a bit curious. And looking around, she's a bit lost as to the purpose of it other than it being a place to hang out and talk.]

So what exactly... is a Host Club? We don't have them where I'm from.
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[Miss Sakura is far more acceptable so she doesn't feel embarrassed. There's actually a subtle pleasure she gets from being called 'Miss'. Being a ninja, sometimes simple things like that are rare.

She follows and listens.]

Companionship... [She tests the word.]

Is there a reason you use the word companionship instead of friendship?
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[What the hell was this? Tamaki had said there was no charge but she had no idea it was like this. It's strange. Probably because it reminds her of a brothel that's for women and less promiscuous. Hopefully.

She doesn't want to think about it.]

It wouldn't be a friendship if it was for sale, it would be companionship.
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Hmmmm, makes sense.

[She concedes, looking thoughtful. You didn't call... one of those girls your friend after... whatever it is men did with them.]

You probably don't get to be yourselves though, do you?
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I'm guessing you're the cool type?

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Prince Type

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[Tamaki just finished his last designation and took some time to stretch his long legs and make sure his golden retriever, Antoine was fed as he sat beside the couch were he took his designations. He took a few moments to walk around the deck to see if everything was alright when he found a very interesting shade of pink. It wasn't from a dress, but it came from silky locks. He immediately waltzed closer to the lady and saw the most beautiful green eyes paired with the hair. She looks like she borrowed some military outfit from someone else. Because her face did not match her clothes.

He inched closer and gave her a slight and elegant bow.]

Might I know the name of the beautiful blooming Princess who brightens our humble deck?
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[Sakura, for her part, has been busying herself with the sandwiches and snacks and doesn't really bother the hosts since she's not even sure what a host club is about. She watches everyone else though, trying to make sense of it. She only takes as much food as would be polite, not overloading herself like she knows someone might have done. It's probably better she came alone.

Immediately she knows who is calling her Princess and beautiful. And blooming. She has the stray thought that Tamaki and Ino would get along famously. But her conflict of how to react to all his compliments is leaning towards taking it in stride if he calls every girl a princess.

She sets her tea on the table in front of her and humors Tamaki with a small smile.]

Hello, Tamaki-san.
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[Tamaki takes a few steps back when he saw her smile and when she called his name.]

You know who I am~!?
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You invited me here, and I don't think anybody else calls every girl he meets a princess.

[None she knows of yet.]
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[Upon recognizing her voice, Tamaki gives Sakura an elegant bow.]

Princess Sakura. I apologize for my failure to recognize your tender voice immediately.
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[She looks frazzled because of it and the princess thing. Regardless, she waves it off.]

It's fine! Don't worry! You recognized it anyway, right?

[Her voice is tender?]
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Of course. Such a beautiful voice. I did not realized it was paired with even more beguiling features. You're hair and eyes are truly a sight to behold, Princess Sakura!

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[Shifts uncomfortably and self-consciously runs a hand through her pink bangs. Was pink hair that great? She doesn't really take care of it like she used to.] Thank you...

[Kyouya said he was always sincere. But what else would he say for a business?]

Sakura is just fine, Tamaki-san. I'm no princess. [Unless Slug Princess counted.]

The sandwiches and tea are great, by the way!
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No. Thank you for allowing me to see it. You're hair truly is a beautiful sight. I bet it must not be easy to take care of it.

[It may sound like an exaggerated comment, but Tamaki believes this to be true. He meant every word. His eyes were clearly mesmerized by it.]

Now that I think about, your hair truly reminds me of your namesake, Sakura-san.

[There was a certain gentleness in the President's tone when he uttered his last words.]

I'm glad you like them. Kyouya spent quite some time to ensure they were enough to put smiles on our guest's face.
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[It's as easy to take care of as anybody else's hair, she supposed. But he continues on. She's so confused by his infatuation with her hair. Crazy hair colors are completely normal in her world. Apart from red, supposedly. And it's only with a certain clan.

Thank goodness she's just Sakura though and she feels a relieved smile appear on her face, even with the way he practically sighs it.

She holds a piece of her hair, looking at it.]

Mn, yeah, I guess so. [He wouldn't think of her as a delicate blossom if he ever saw her punch a mountain in half though.]

A job well done then.

[See, she's smiling.]
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If you don't mind me asking, whom did you borrow those clothes from? They appear to be a bit manly.
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[And just like that her smile falters (MANLY...) before it's plastered back on.]

They are, aren't they? It's actually my uniform.
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lmao beautiful

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