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[Log || 004] Empieza and Aeolipile

Who: Hazardous Materials
Where: Isla Empieza first, then sailing to Aeolipile Isle!
When: 4/1 - 4/28
What: Picking up new crew members and recovering from the Navy battle! Plus shenanigans.
Warnings: DRAGON!!! But no, nothing really. Probably.
Style: Any!
Status: Open if you're on Isla Empieza and want to hang out!

This is our April log of awesomeness! Date your threads accordingly and probably include a location. This is the plan for now:

4/1-4/10: Hanging around IE, grabbing Cynthia, STUFF.
4/11-4/15: Sailing to Aeolipile!
4/16-4/28: Aeolipile craziness.

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4/14 A

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...You know, out of all the places you can go on this ship, I'm not surprised you stay in here.

[He's done it before: poke his head in for a bit, maybe even hang out for a while because of all of the neat stuff that Donatello was able to set up.

It's one thing to come in and bug the guy, but Hiccup doesn't try to do it very often. He gets that everyone needs their space. Unlike any of the turtle brothers, however, the Viking is actually interested in what he does.]
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[oh hey Hiccup. Donnie actually hasn't talked to you much. Mostly because he's been preoccupying himself but-- a compliment is always a big ice breaker]

It's a pretty neat lab, huh? [said with pride since, hey, he built it!] But I'm still missing a lot of basic tools which I have to make if I want a submarine by May...

[and it's looking increasingly likely that won't be the case]
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[It's okay. There's no offense taken in not being spoken to.]

Yeah, it is! What you got so far makes it look good.

[He sidles in to admire what's available, though. And...well, he has no idea what a submarine is, but it sounds cool.]

That's an ambitious venture. Isn't May next month?
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Thanks! And yeah, I know, I'm kind of on a time crunch right now but I've already built a prototype!

[there's something nearby draped in a cloth. He pulls it off dramatically and then puts his hands on his hips proudly]


[if it looks like a vaguely turtle shaped sub made out of quietly molding cheese, it's only because it is]
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Oh? Oh!

[He leans in to get a better look, nose wrinkling when he accidentally gets a good whiff of that cheese. Time to lean back out.]

Oh. Wow.
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Right? Isn't it fantastic? It'll be a six seater with room for your dragon of course, periscope, radar, torpedo bay and can go five miles underwater with enough oxygen to last for a week!

[he rubs his chin]

Though I'm still thinking where to put the workout room.
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For my dragon– even a workout room...?

Exactly how big is this going to be?
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[personal profile] waywithmachines 2014-04-18 05:59 am (UTC)(link)
Well I haven't worked out the exact specs but [and he spreads some diagrams and schematics out on the table of something that is rather large and pretty complex]

Of course I'll have to make some modifications given the current level of technology and figure out how to launch the satellite, but you know I don't think it's entirely out of the realm of possibility, do you?

[it's quite possible he's been cooped up with the moldy cheese too long]
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[Hiccup moves aside (well, as much as he can) as Donatello shows him what he's got planned out, green eyes darting about the details, studying each aspect the turtle has in mind.]

I see your point. I don't even know what a satellite is, but getting the basics down with whatever we can get our hands on is definitely possible.

[Okay, that cheese is getting really strong TIME FOR OPERATION: GET DONNIE SOME FRESH AIR.]

Um...hey, you ever notice how dim it is in here?? I bet if we go up top, we can get a better look at these schematics, huh?
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[personal profile] waywithmachines 2014-04-18 06:42 am (UTC)(link)
Good idea! [it's the we that gets him and he can't help but grin remembering what he's seen of Toothless.] You're pretty good with mechanical stuff yourself right?

[rolling rolling up the schematics] You did a really good job on the modification on your dragon. He flies pretty well, too, from what I've seen. You must have studied aerodynamics for quite a while!
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[He breathes a small sigh of relief as he helps gather some of the stuff. He also makes a mental note to put something over the cheese sub.]

Uuhm yeah! I do. And thanks. It did take a lot of time just to test, maybe even some more time trying to get Toothless use to the idea of him having a rider to cooperate with. [A half-shrug.] Well, it could use some more work. I really need to refine some of the mechanics, but I'm not complaining if it gets the job done.