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[Log || 004] Empieza and Aeolipile

Who: Hazardous Materials
Where: Isla Empieza first, then sailing to Aeolipile Isle!
When: 4/1 - 4/28
What: Picking up new crew members and recovering from the Navy battle! Plus shenanigans.
Warnings: DRAGON!!! But no, nothing really. Probably.
Style: Any!
Status: Open if you're on Isla Empieza and want to hang out!

This is our April log of awesomeness! Date your threads accordingly and probably include a location. This is the plan for now:

4/1-4/10: Hanging around IE, grabbing Cynthia, STUFF.
4/11-4/15: Sailing to Aeolipile!
4/16-4/28: Aeolipile craziness.

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[Today, it's the sprints that are starting to kill him.

While he was able to keep up for the first few laps, he started slowing down long enough to have Raph pass him a number of times. Wheezing, he leans against the mast, nearly hugging onto it to keep himself upright.]

...Oh more...
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[He's letting that slide. Mostly. Catching more of his breath, Hiccup glances down at his prosthetic.]

It's okay. It doesn't feel as raw as it did the other time we did this.
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Yyyeah, that would be bad.

You don't mind? I know it's not much to just sit there and watch...
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[These toothpick arms can lift a sword high enough for sharpening! Still, the light weights cause the Viking to audibly/physically "oof."

Now that's sad.]
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Okay, okay.

[Can't complain now. Those little willow arms need some work. He starts...doing this a little slower than he should.]
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No, not really – unless I was tending to weapons. But even then I wasn't really doing much with it.
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Yeah. [A few more reps.] Well, Gobber was the one doing most of the work since he's the master smith. I sort of got carried away with some projects on the side, though.
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Not yet. I barely even see him outside of the lab. Looks like I'll have to go later...

[Hiccup tries to suppress a laugh, but it's proves difficult.]

Oh, why not? Isn't it nice to hear things like that, being a brother to your brother and all?
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Oh, okay then.

[He really doesn't get the sibling thing. But his curiosity is piqued.]

What exactly is the "Shellraiser"?
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Oh! That's really convenient. Maybe even a little impractical, but if it gets the job done...

[Despite the afterthought, he still looks really interested.]
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Like a mini-catapult? [For garbage? Considering there's enough of them to make that much of a mess...] I'd say. It'd be put to good use.

We do need more weapons on board here. Long-range ones. While it's good to have Toothless on-hand for that, I don't wanna tire him out.
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[They can always test that out. It's fun.]

All right. Cool.

[Crazy modern world vocabulary terminology.]