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[Log || 004] Empieza and Aeolipile

Who: Hazardous Materials
Where: Isla Empieza first, then sailing to Aeolipile Isle!
When: 4/1 - 4/28
What: Picking up new crew members and recovering from the Navy battle! Plus shenanigans.
Warnings: DRAGON!!! But no, nothing really. Probably.
Style: Any!
Status: Open if you're on Isla Empieza and want to hang out!

This is our April log of awesomeness! Date your threads accordingly and probably include a location. This is the plan for now:

4/1-4/10: Hanging around IE, grabbing Cynthia, STUFF.
4/11-4/15: Sailing to Aeolipile!
4/16-4/28: Aeolipile craziness.

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First Trip

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[There have been tales of uncharted gem caverns hidden deep beneath the core of the volcano. So who wouldn’t want to look into it right? This could seriously turn their little financial problem around if done properly.

It had taken days and days of research (and maybe some bribing and threatening) until finally everything was narrowed down to a single cave found in a rather secluded area of the core. The directions came from a crazy old prospector Cynthia met in town, and he was probably not to be trusted, but a lead was still a lead. So now here they were, in front of said cave, and getting ready to hunt down one of the biggest collections of uncharted gem caverns in the history of this island.

No pressure.]

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[Truthfully he preferred obtaining gems from vaults and chests over something like this, but then that's because such is where his expertise lay. Gaius supposes that he can still be of use here though. After all, they're in unfamiliar and possibly unsafe territory, and while his skills as a lockpick and a thief aren't very useful in this instance, he's quick on his feet and scouting ahead for trouble is no unusual task for him.

And if there's any other odd jobs that might need doing, well, he can possibly help with that too. He only hopes the excess heat won't melt any of the candy he's got stashed on his personage.
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[Now, Cynthia, getting directions from a crazy old prospector only brings up questions from the sensible Viking. His thoughts were probably overruled – which is nothing too new to him and he takes it in stride – making up his mind to go along with. So he left Toothless on the ship. Hopefully there are still some of the other crew members to watch him (or vice-versa) while he's away.

Treasure was incentive, sure, but Hiccup is actually getting a feel for the layout of the island. He may lag behind a bit not because of his leg, but for how much of the unmarked path he's taking in.