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[Log || 004] Empieza and Aeolipile

Who: Hazardous Materials
Where: Isla Empieza first, then sailing to Aeolipile Isle!
When: 4/1 - 4/28
What: Picking up new crew members and recovering from the Navy battle! Plus shenanigans.
Warnings: DRAGON!!! But no, nothing really. Probably.
Style: Any!
Status: Open if you're on Isla Empieza and want to hang out!

This is our April log of awesomeness! Date your threads accordingly and probably include a location. This is the plan for now:

4/1-4/10: Hanging around IE, grabbing Cynthia, STUFF.
4/11-4/15: Sailing to Aeolipile!
4/16-4/28: Aeolipile craziness.

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[Bless your soul, Gan Ning. Hiccup is forever grateful he's not getting in on the partying in this manner.

Of course, he's a bit out of place sitting here quietly while almost everyone else is getting plastered. Not that he minds.]
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[If he ever realizes Hiccup is the same age as the turtles, he won't be so lucky. But Gan Ning is still looking out for him.]

So whaddaya think of this place, huh?
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[His birthday technically makes him the youngest! If...they had Leap Year in play for Vikings. He'll still try flying under the radar, though, that's not so hard to do.]

It's...something. Loud. [He shrugs.] Kinda reminds me of home!
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Yeah? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
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It's good! I guess? Well, this is a little more on the fancy side if you ask me, but I'm not complaining.
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Yeah, fancy is right. [he's never seen the fashions before, but with all the bells and whistles - literally - he's pretty sure this is something classy.] I mean, not silks and gold thread fancy, but...

Eh. I don't do fancy.
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Heh. Me neither!

[If that wasn't obvious. A gangly kid wearing a thread-worn tunic and leggings, complete with an oversized fur vest? Yeah, that just screams "high class material."]

I don't think I'd ever get use to it, but it's something different.
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[they can be unwashed pre-Renaissance heathens together] got a point there. All these islands around are somethin' to explore, at least. And then probably laugh about later when we're out to sea.
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[Aww yee! That's the best!]

Yeah! Especially with what's been going on with those guys.

[He nods, indicating the rest of the crew.]
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[grins so hard, and then leans over as if to tell Hiccup a secret]

That? That's all my doin'. Figured they needed a taste of real relaxation.
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[For some reason, Hiccup isn't surprised.]

Ah. That explains everything!