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[Log || 004] Empieza and Aeolipile

Who: Hazardous Materials
Where: Isla Empieza first, then sailing to Aeolipile Isle!
When: 4/1 - 4/28
What: Picking up new crew members and recovering from the Navy battle! Plus shenanigans.
Warnings: DRAGON!!! But no, nothing really. Probably.
Style: Any!
Status: Open if you're on Isla Empieza and want to hang out!

This is our April log of awesomeness! Date your threads accordingly and probably include a location. This is the plan for now:

4/1-4/10: Hanging around IE, grabbing Cynthia, STUFF.
4/11-4/15: Sailing to Aeolipile!
4/16-4/28: Aeolipile craziness.

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[o/~ Sailing, sailing, over the bounty seas o/~

...Which means there's a lot to do in spare time. Not that Hiccup minds; It's nice to at least know where they're heading (at least he thinks they have a good idea where) and it gives him time to prepare in case anything else happens on they way.

Sometimes the Viking can be found doing last minute checks on Toothless' saddle in preparation for their next flight, other times he's sitting on his nice reptile-skin couch sketching out things in his journal. As for that workout routine Raph keeps bothering him about? Well, it's not going along as smoothly as it should.
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[Well it looks like she found someone to play with. Now Cynthia didn't regret leaving her pokemon out on the ship to get used to everything. But she completely forgot that Spiritomb wasn't to be trusted. Ever.

The ghost pokemon kept to the shadows. Her rock hidden in some corner while she floated around behind the boy. Spying on his every move.]
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[Hey what now

Hiccup blinks, pausing in the middle of his work. He suddenly feels...uneasy.

Like should he look? Or should he wait until the feeling passes? (If it ever does pass, that is.)
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[Yes boy, look behind you. See the glowing mist that's starting to surround the area behind and under you.
For added effect, Spiritomb will go ahead and tip over one of the bottles behind the boy.]
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[He can't possibly ignore the sound of clattering bottles all over the place. That would be dumb. And he's not that dumb.

But maybe he sort of regrets turning to look, just by a little. Having to be face-to-face with a floating ghost ball is something he isn't expecting. Time to react accordingly.

–GAH! What the– ?!
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[Yes! That's the reaction she was hoping to get out of him! Now to completely mess with the boy's mental health, she will stare at him for a few seconds before slowly disappearing back into her rock.]
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[Just as planned, his initial surprise turns into confusion. Hands slowly drop their guard as his brow creases. No, it was there, he couldn't have been seeing things when it was right there.

The smrt move is to check the area where the rock is, obviously.

Hey, wait a second. Where did you go– ?
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[And in the area where the rock is. One would fine this fine specimen literally just staring a the wall like it was the most interesting thing in the world. Now one may question what made that wall look so interesting, or if there was anything inside that giant slug's head...]
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[...but it was just the distraction Spiritomb needed to float back out of her rock and behind the boy without her rock being spotted. Arceus does she love teamwork!

Now turn your head little boy. Let Spiritomb get a good look at you...]
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[His nose crinkles.

A rock? All this for a rock? Now he just feels stupid.]

...Right. [He rolls his eyes.] Good job, Hiccup! You're on a ship that's sailing and already you're losing it.
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[He sighs, leaving the rock where it sits to go back to whatever he was doing.

If only he wasn't at eye-level with the Spiritbomb's creepy face.

...Yeah, he's going to just. Freeze. As his brain tries to process how to react for a second time.
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[She knew this was horribly mean, she really did. But once in a while she'd help out with one of Spiritomb's pranks just to show the pokemon that she wasn't boring.

Sometimes it paid to wear all black all the time. The champion snuck behind the currently frozen boy. Leaning closer to whisper in his ear.]

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[Oh not cool. Hiccup flinches, only realizing a second later that the voice doesn't match the face of the pokemon. And he does realize his face isn't going to be eaten or something horrible like that.]

Oh, yeah, very funny.
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[The Spiritomb swirls around the boy in amusement. She hasn't that this much fun in weeks and she was so glad her master played along with it (for once).

Cynthia on the other hand had to control herself from laughing. She didn't want him to hate her for this.]

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I knew what Spiritomb was up to and I just HAD to join in. Don't hate us.
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[Hiccup puffs out his cheeks, lips puttering as his eyes follow the pokemon circling his head. He then sighs, shoulders slumping slightly out of habit.]

I can see why. I thought I'd be use to this by now, at least.
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Well, to be fair to you, not many people get used to a Spiritomb after meeting it the first time. But don't worry, she won't hurt you.

[She taps on Spiritomb's rock and the purple mist slowly begins to fade away.]

I'm Cynthia
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I've been around dragons. I think it was a fairly similar experience – except with less dragons and more of...that.

[He can't help but be a little relieved, though.]

Hiccup. I hear you're the new recruit.
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Oh you must be the owner of that black dragon I met last week. Aw, he was such a sweet heart, that one. Though my dragon wasn't all too fond of him being near me.
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You met Toothless? Of course you met Toothless, it isn't a big ship...

Still, I'm glad it didn't get messy. He means well, really.
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Messy? Well if you call hugs and head scratches messy, then yes, it was it was super messy. How on earth did you come across such a beautiful dragon anyway?
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I meant more for your dragon and my dragon since they're not always friendly toward one another, but oh man. He didn't lick you, did he? B-because if he did, I'm sorry.

[He pauses, tilting his head a bit as he gestures.]

Well...we met during a time when there was an emphasis on killing dragons. So it wasn't really the best of circumstances.
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Oh no my dragon wouldn't touch yours unless he poses a threat to my life. Though she did drag me away from him, mostly out of jealousy.

She's been the only dragon in my life so I kind of understand why she didn't like him being near me. Hopefully we get to fix that little attitude of hers somehow.

[Oh but the mention of dragon killing, that made her frown.]

Dragon killing? How terrible!
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Oh, man. I know how that goes.

[Considering how Toothless basically acted like his first girlfriend...]

But yeah, I'm with you on that one.

I know killing dragons is bad now. It's just been a part of our history, fighting them for hundreds of years.
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Oh man, I know a certain family that would maim you for even thinking about endangering a dragon's life. Lucky for you, they're not here. the sound of it, the killings stopped?
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That would've been fun to deal with. But yeah, they did...because I was the one who saw things from a different perspective.

[He pauses, looking away for a moment.]

...And, well, I'm not proud of it, but I'm the one who hurt Toothless in the first place.

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