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[09] Howling Sabers April Catch-All

Who: Howling Sabers/Murderess
Where: All over, but starting at Empieza and heading out to Turvey Top. May or may not include Port Chance shard pick-up.
When: First half of April. (Sasuke's top-post is April 2nd.)
What: Ding-dong, there's a witch who ain't dead and a crew with varied reasons to find one.
Warnings: With this crew, there's almost always violence.
Status: Open to crew and guests.

Sasuke was not impressed. He was also not talking to anyone, at least not today, because there was no way of telling if the mind-control was going to last longer than a day, or what the effects of it might be if it did last long-term.

As if to signal his return to normalcy, he was perched on the absolute highest spar on the ship, chakra enabling him to stick to the narrow beam over the crow's nest, and doggedly not opening the journal. He'd very nearly chucked it into the ocean when he'd woken up, but in the end it was too useful to throw away entirely. Which didn't mean he couldn't ignore it until at least 24 hours had passed after the insanity of yesterday.

He was vaguely aware that he'd agreed to sail somewhere at some point, as much as he was less vaguely aware that for all his and Futo's efforts to find and pin leadership on Link, he'd been giving commands on board since Marvelous had gone. He'd never intended to take responsibility for more than Itachi and himself, but ...

At least until it was clear than Marvelous wasn't going to return, it was better to have a clear idea of where they were going than the alternative, he reasoned.
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Naruto let Sasuke and the others deal with the shard hunting part of their little expedition. The only thing he cared about was the destination, and when he found out that they were going to a noodle shop, he felt like maybe he had died during that battle and gone to pirate heaven or something. After his time in this world, he had almost given up on noodle stands and noodle shops, but then he'd finally found one.

It only took Naruto a second once they entered the shop for him to know exactly where the noodles were. Despite them being left cooling in an icebox, he could actually smell them. His sense of smell was a little bit more sensitive than most people, but the fact that he was in close proximity to noodles gave him a type of sixth sense, a "ramen" sense.

So as Sasuke continued searching the shop, Naruto happily grabbed several bowls and began inhaling them like they were going out of style.
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Sakura is in her own little section of the shop, searching for something conspicuous or out of place. The moment the location of the shard was revealed she immediately thought of Naruto and his obsession with the stuff. While a little happy for him that he could have his noodle stand, another part of her felt dread for what was to come.

Naruto in a noodle shop and they have to find a shard.

She was probably just overthinking it. So she had quickly went to work in searching cupboards and cabinets like Sasuke. The sound of slurping makes her tense and look over her shoulder with a glare.

Search now effectively on hold.

"Naruto," she growls, marching over to where he's eating with clenched fists. "We're supposed to find a shard, not indulge in your noodle obsession. Put that down."
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Luka is there. How did Luka get there? Is she a pirate, or a ninja? In any case, she pops up behind Sakura, shaking her head.

"That boy really can pack it away, huh?"
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"You don't know the half of it," she replies while thinking of the days they spent at Ichiraku, watching with fascination and disgust as Naruto ate bowl after bowl after bowl of ramen.

Then she's moving forward to physically remove the bowls from him. Because Sakura is physical.
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"I think I can make a few guesses," Luka said, shaking her head. "Do you think he ever eats something he's not supposed to inhaling it all like that?"
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Naruto, meanwhile, could only whine a bit as Sakura started to grab bowls. He had no idea who the other chick was and didn't know where Sasuke had gotten off to, but frankly those were questions that weren't all that important at the time anyways. All that mattered was to make that ramen disappear before Sakura could steal away his happiness.

"Sakuraaaa-chyaaaaaaaaaan, c'mon! I haven't had any for months, geeeeeez!" As he spoke, he grabbed yet another bowl and started to shovel the noodles down as fast as possible. With the bottom of the bowl almost visible after only a few moments, a little glimmer of light could be seen.

Then it too was lifted by Naruto's chopsticks and shoved into his mouth. He paused as his eyes bugged out a bit, and then there was a grunt as he forcibly swallowed it down. He coughed a few times and slapped his chest before blinking.

"Musta been a big piece of chicken or somethin'..."
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Luka's eyes widened when her sharp eyes caught the glint of light... but it was too late before the blonde idiot ended up swallowing it and started choking.

"Like hell it was!" she said. "You swallowed something shiny! I saw it...!"
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Sakura, meanwhile, is slack-jawed and staring at Naruto with horror. Did he just--? She saw that flash of red as well as any sharingan could. Gradually, the temper sets in and she marches over to shove Sasuke aside and grab Naruto's throat.

"Naruto, you moron! I'm going to throttle that shard out of you! Or maybe I'll cut your stomach open! Who the hell puts a shard in a bowl of noodles?! Dammit!"
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The first thing that crossed his mind was that he realized he never could catch a break. Sasuke, like usual, tried but failed to really intimidate Naruto. All the Uchiha really managed to do was always annoy Naruto. Sakura, on the other hand, could make Naruto piss himself without trying too hard. Luckily his bladder was empty as it was.

"I DIDN'T KNOW!" he half-screeched as Sakura clutched his throat. Why did Sakura always insist on violence when it came to dealing with him? She could yell and still get her point across! She didn't have to throttle him or punch him to another island or something along those lines.

Everyone who always said Naruto was extreme and unpredictable should take a look at themselves and how over-the-top they could react! Sakura is a good example.

"I... CAN'T BREATHE...!"
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Violence was the only thing that made it's way through his thick skull.

"I TOLD YOU TO PUT IT DOWN! WHY DO YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME?" Naruto might have been dying before she wound up here, but Sakura has no reservations shaking him around as if expecting to shake it out of him as well as she could throttle it out.

She does finally release his throat but it's only so she can stomp out angrily with plans to find something to make him throw up the shard or...

Speed up nature's course.