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[05] boy you'll be the death of me

Who: Sasuke & Friends Former Acquaintances, limited one-afternoon engagement. (Sakura & Naruto.)
Where: Isla Empieza (starting at the marketplace)
When: Backdated to February 11th.
What: Sasuke 'fesses up his identity at some point and now is the hour of reckoning.
Warnings: Probably not too violent.
Style: Whatever! Anything! Go wild.
Status: Openish. (Drop me a line so we can sort timeline if you want in!)

Somehow, he hadn't expected Sakura's name to turn up in the journal. Given who else from his world was also here, he likely should have: there was clearly neither rhyme nor reason as to who was pulled from where and when, though if Davy Jones was trying to pick people out for power, he was certainly raking through Sasuke's world thoroughly.

His frame was tense as he stalked through Empieza toward the fountain to meet Sakura, ignoring the way the locals still gave him apprehensive looks and surreptitiously left a space around him even in the marketplace.
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This leaves Sakura with Naruto, which is't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it's probably good in this case because he keeps her mind off the anxiousness of seeing Sasuke again and not knowing what it's going to be like. Without the war, without the need for teamwork and fighting together she wasn't sure where they stood.

Naruto's presence made it easier, as it always did nowadays.

She finishes up with the journal and then closes it carefully, thoughts plaguing her mind with the sort of information she got out of it. Some of it was useless; some of it was just downright baffling; all of it irritated her. She's left as lost and confused as she had been when she first arrived here. At least she doesn't have to worry about Naruto.

Or does she?

When the crowd clears and Sasuke appears Sakura glances up and sucks in a breath, holding it. While she was apprehensive, she was still relieved and glad that he was okay too. She stands up quickly when he's close and is unsure what to do with her hands so she holds her journal tight at her side.
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Naruto's state of mind is a little different. As far as he knows, the battle was won. Sure, they still had to seal Madara, but how hard could that be with everyone working together? They'd defeated Obito by working together. One man couldn't be much more powerful than what they'd already been through.

So Naruto is thinking a little more differently than Sakura. He's fidgeting, which is nothing new, but he's not apprehensive at all. Team 7 had worked together and had obviously been the biggest deciding factor in the final clash. Things were going to be different from now on, right? Not even Sasuke could deny the things they were able to accomplish when they worked together rather than against one another.

Though the locals' demeanor towards Sasuke is very cold, Naruto's greeting is contrastingly and characteristically warm. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!" he calls while Sasuke is still some distance from them. Then he jogs forward with a grin on his face that shows how excited he is to actually be talking to his one-time friend now that there isn't a huge battle going on.

A grin that fades into an annoyed frown quickly.

"Where the hell have you been? We've been waiting forever, y'know?"
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Naruto's exuberance and utter disregard for everything to make way for his usual personality and joy to see Sasuke lifts the weight off Sakura's shoulders. She smiles briefly and follows to stand beside him and closer to Sasuke. Trust Naruto to act like everything is fine. Maybe they could be.

Sasuke's questions though, makes Sakura look at Naruto in confusion. "I've been busy," she explains. "Naruto and you had been fighting Uchiha Madara while I and the rest of the army dealt with a massive wooden statue and its wielder."

The rest of it she doesn't want to talk about yet with Naruto right beside her.
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Naruto's just about to reply when Sakura speaks first. He blinks a few times and looks over at her before frowning some more. That's not really what he remembers. The last thing he remembers was leaving Obito to his dad and Kakashi-sensei while he rushed to where the First and Madara were fighting. Actually, the very last thing he remembers was throwing his rasenshuriken. Everything is blank after that before arriving on the island.

"Eh, we were already fighting him? I don't remember that. I was about to help the First..." But that's not important anyways, right? That's not what he had meant before anyways, so he goes back to that as he looks at Sasuke again. "But I meant here at the fountain! You shoulda came quicker, dammit!"
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There were a lot of things Naruto didn't remember, she's not too surprised. Did he hit his head? She hadn't checked for that yet.

Sasuke remembers too which solidifies the idea that maybe something was wrong with Naruto. In extreme cases, when enough blood doesn't get to the brain, there can be problems. Naruto was an idiot, scatter-brained, but he wasn't stupid. He couldn't just forget that the kyuubi was extracted from him. Did she not do enough to make sure he was alright?

Her eyes drop to the ground. Did Sasuke see what happened to Naruto?

She's still looking hard at the broken up cobblestone beneath their feet when she asks, "What world is this?"
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He wants to tell him that he could have ran instead of walking, but he's too confused at the rest of what he hears. Sakura and Sasuke both remember different things from what he himself remembers. Sasuke does mention "the nine-tails," and that gives Naruto the idea to ask Kurama himself.

While Sakura is busy musing and then asking her own question, Naruto is basically blank to his two friends as he carries on his inner conversation. Unfortunately, that's not to much avail either since Kurama remembers it exactly the same way as Naruto.

What the hell was going on?
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"H-Hold on! Three months!? The war's only been going on for a few days! You couldn't possibly have been here for three months!" she retorts, even more confused than before. If Sasuke is telling the truth, that meant what that man said about time, about things being the same when they went back to their world, just as they left it. That meant Naruto was still going to need CPR and she still needs to save him.

But here, he's healthy and fine and Sasuke has been here for three months. She's ruled out the possibility of genjutsu too, or the Unlimited Tsukuyomi because they stopped it. The only explanation was that they were in a different world, pulled from different times. It's ridiculous. It makes her head hurt, just thinking about it and how it's possible.

It shouldn't be.

"Just... what in the world is this place?"
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Sakura's exclamation snaps him back to the conversation at hand. Three months? Nah, that's bullshit. They were just with Sasuke a short while ago. He hasn't been gone for three months. What did they say about different worlds and times? No, no of that could be right... right? It's all way too confusing and way above Naruto's intelligence level.

Well, whatever. He'll let Sakura and Sasuke figure that crap out. Naruto will just do what he does best.

"It isn't our world. We'll just have to figure it out and head home!"
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Of course she did, both things. They made about as much sense as anything else. Davy Jones was a dangerous figure, Scurvey Dog (great name) was the one with the answers. She had been more worried about Naruto and where he was at the time and so she had put out her 'missing' entry. Since then, she had found Naruto and read the inscription on the fountain, the same words that had echoed hollowly in her mind.

"We have to find the pieces of a gem to go home, back to our world," she explains. It's mostly for Naruto's sake, and she looks at him from the corner of her eyes. So they've figured it out, now they had to gather the pieces to go home. Sasuke has been here for three months, so such a task wasn't going to be easy.

But... between the three of them?

"What are we waiting for then? Where do we get a boat?" Because obviously they're going to be on a crew together, right? Hinata is going to come too.
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Despite Sasuke's legendary attitude, Naruto couldn't be bothered to be pessimistic. They'd just taken Obito down a peg and extracted all of the bijuu! Finding some weird gem shouldn't be hard at all. As for all that other crap about different times and worlds... well, he just wouldn't worry about that at all.

So he just shrugs at Sasuke's glare and nods in agreement at Sakura. "Yeah, what Sakura-chan said. Don't be such an ass. Shouldn't be too hard for us to get some gem pieces if we work together." There's that grin again as he glances over his shoulder towards the fountain. "It'll be easier than the low-ranked missions we used to do." Especially now that all three of them were that much stronger.

"It's not like the ocean can be that big, y'know!"

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This isn't going well. The most she could hope for is they would eventually get along again (or as well as they did before) and Sasuke helping them out is promising. But he seems even more annoyed by Naruto's antics and never say die attitude than unusual. To be fair, she used to be as well but it's grown on her.

And he's been stuck here for three months.

She frowns at Sasuke's back but decides to follow anyway, calling behind her.

"Come on, Naruto." As they walk, Sakura trails a little bit behind Sasuke. In the silence, she turns to Naruto.

"Oceans are the largest bodies of water on a planet, you know that right? No matter where we are or how you look at it, it's not going to be small. It's going to be pretty big. You remember the mission when we escorted Tazuna. That was just a small piece of the ocean back home." They would get some perspective in any case when they reach the harbor.
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As soon as Sasuke turns around, Naruto makes a face at him and mimes, "it's not just some pieces," with his best Sasuke expression. At least the Uchiha is as frustrating as he's always been. That's both comforting and annoying to Naruto. They don't have to deal with him trying to kill them though, so that's a major plus!

He grumbles a bit as he follows along and then listens to Sakura. It still doesn't really register to him that it could be any bigger than what he's used to.

"Yeah, but we've gotten a lot bigger since then too," he replies with a grin. They've gotten a lot stronger too. Even if the ocean was endless, in Naruto's mind they'll find the gem pieces in no time. With his team reunited, Naruto felt like they could do anything.
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Naruto gets a sharp glare for his mockery and then a sigh. "Still not big enough to really make a difference compared to an ocean," she reminds him so Sasuke can enjoy more banter behind his back. Just like old times. That fact doesn't bypass Sakura either.

And there it is, he says. It certainly was. Even she's wide-eyed at how far it seems to stretch, like it really is endless. She has to drag her gaze over to his boat (Murderess, hah) and the people on board. Her eyes zero in on the figure hanging off the side, she thinks it's a trick of the light but that boy looks like--

"You already have a crew?" A crew of fourteen people, even if three were missing. Her hope of sailing together as Team Seven again dwindles a little. Unless Naruto demanded they be part of the crew, too... she's practically waiting for it.
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Naruto is still unimpressed with the sea. You all can't shake his confidence! No matter how big you say it is, he'll still think it can be crossed in no time if they work together. No matter how many pieces of the gem there is, he'll still think they can be found quickly and put to good use. So he just ignores the earlier talk as he looks at the boat.

He squints to look at the figures, but it's easier to just feel for their chakra. One of the signatures is very familiar to Naruto considering it's one he's fought alongside, but it feels different somehow.

"Murderess? What a crappy name. We'll have to change it when we get on. Maybe somethin' like Seakage! Or the Team 7 Super Ship!"

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And there it is. Did that mean he was predictable now instead of unpredictable? While she's not a fan of Seakage, she can't help but smile a little at Team 7 Super Ship even if Sasuke isn't a fan of any of them.

She punches Naruto's arm softly anyway -- soft for Sakura. "Knock it off."

It's as much invitation as they're going to get, Sakura knows. Sasuke wasn't the type to outright ask them to join their crew. Well, if they needed a medic then Sakura was here to save the day. Plus, to make sure they were healthy for whatever it is they were fighting for the shards.

Why else would they need fighters?

"Condition?" No murder attempts on each other maybe? Although Naruto was clear of that.
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Naruto frowns and is about to argue with Sasuke about the names until Sakura punches his arm. He settles back a bit, rubbing it and whining quietly. It was official: he was the only fun team member of Team 7. The rest of them were all too high-strung all the time. Who wants to sail around in a ship called the Murderess? What sort of message is that sending to other ships?!

He keeps his eyes on Sasuke and then grumbles a little. "What sorta condition? No smiling?" Asshole.
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Oh, that explains the familiar chakra signature. That's right, it was Itachi's! Now that makes sense, except for the fact it still feels strange. In any case, Naruto blinks a few times once Sasuke admits that Itachi is part of the ship. He wishes he'd been there for that reunion to see how Sasuke had taken things. Of course, Sasuke's next statement at least lets Naruto know that things aren't severely antagonistic between the brothers.

But with Sasuke being so serious, there's only one way for Naruto to react.

It starts small with his shoulders shaking a little bit. Then he covers his mouth as his cheeks puff out. After that, it's way too much for him. "Pfffffthahahah... holy crap you're always so damn serious. Guess that hasn't changed much!" With that, he smacks Sasuke heartily on the back.

Knowing that the Uchiha will probably react negatively to that sort of contact, Naruto quickly jogs ahead, still laughing loudly. "Why would I wanna hurt a friend!? Holy crap, Sasuke, relax a little!" Then he jogs off down towards the ship, eager to meet the crew.

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Sasuke's brother was here? Sasuke was protecting him? Or he wanted to be the person to kill him? No, he would have done so. Was he the familiar figure around the railing? Sakura doesn't have much time to be shocked at the 'condition' before Naruto is laughing, slapping Sasuke on the back, and running off. She's even more surprised by that, her attention on her blond teammate now and slack-jawed.

Friend? Just what in the hell-

He leaves Sakura and Sasuke standing there, the former at a loss for words. Itachi was Naruto's friend?! Since when-- how--

WHY?! Everything she thought she knew about these two is getting turned on its head.

"Ugh!" Finally, she speaks and grips her pink hair in frustration. "I don't understand anything at all anymore!!"
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Naruto grunts as he's stopped. Turning with a frown, he stares at Sasuke for a moment. He almost rolls his eyes at Sasuke's harsh tone, but he pauses when he realizes this sort of serious is different from Sasuke's usual oh-so-cheerful behavior. It's obviously because it has to do with Itachi, and that makes Naruto recall his last words with the elder Uchiha.

What does he know? Everything, though it wasn't Itachi who told him directly. He had Obito to thank for that. Still, they did speak as they fought Nagato. They spoke about a few things with Sasuke being one of them. He also remembers how Itachi asked him not to tell anyone about the truth of the massacre in order to keep the clan's honor.

It's not Naruto's business to tell Sasuke anyways. That's something between brothers.

The blond just glances over his shoulder towards the ship where Itachi is before looking back to his best friend. "I know he loves you more than anything. That's all that matters, right? So I'd never hurt someone like that."

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Sakura looks as stressed as Sasuke had been while she watches Sasuke grab for Naruto. She steps forward and reaches out to try and stop it, expecting a fight, but there's no reason to. Instead she listens, soaking everything in because they're talking about Itachi.

What do you know, Naruto?

Before Sasuke can answer, Sakura interrupts. "Loves Sasuke-kun?" she looks as disbelieving as she sounds while she darts her eyes between the two of them. You didn't kill someone's clan to show someone you loved them! What sort of messed up line of thought was that?

And obviously it's not all that matters because of what he had done to both her teammates. He's the cause of so much strife.

But then, why would he say it? Naruto did know something that's changed his whole perspective on Itachi and Sasuke and he forgave. It's something only a few people knew. Slowly her eyes narrow, but she looks just as disoriented as ever. Kakashi isn't here to stop Naruto now. If she could get him to spit it out...

"How do you know that, Naruto? How could you know such a thing?"
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"I don't have to talk to anybody to know families love each other!" Naruto quickly bites back. "I may not have a brother, but I had parents. And they taught me that they loved me even if I didn't understand everything goin' on!" How could he have understood at first why he had Kurama sealed inside him? How could he have understood that he had to deal with all that pain and suffering, with the entire village hating him and treating him like a weapon?

"Besides," his voice drops as he thumbs over his shoulder for a moment and then locks his hands behind his head. "Neither of you have killed each other yet. Gotta mean somethin', huh?"
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"Naruto..." Families love each other. She always thought Naruto considered Sasuke to be his brother, so he did have one. Maybe Sasuke didn't agree with the sentiment but that never stopped Naruto before. She doesn't really expect him to admit that to Sasuke's face right here though.

Not in front of her.

He comes to the same conclusion she does -- they haven't killed each other, so that means something outside of Sasuke not wanting them to harm his brother. While irritated she still didn't know what was going on or the 'truth' (as Sasuke and Naruto have BOTH called it now), she had to be moved by Naruto's words. She wonders if Sasuke is too so she tries to read his expression.
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Naruto first grunts at Sasuke's ultimatum. Really, he was grim back when they were twelve, but he's shooting for a world-record or something nowadays. Oh well, he didn't expect rainbows and such to radiate from Sasuke's body. They'll just have to work on softening him up a tiny bit more. At least learn to relax a little, Sasuke, instead of acting like you've got something up your ass.

The blond watches as Sasuke walks off before turning to look at Sakura. Even the dense one of Team 7 understood that Sasuke didn't want to mention anything in front of their female teammate. Of course, Naruto doesn't plan on mentioning anything in front of Sasuke either. He's got too much respect for Itachi to go mouthing off about things to anybody at all. He did vow, after all, to keep it under wraps.

Besides, it's all in the past. Living in the past causes so many problems. People just need to learn to push forward and forget those things they can't change.

He finally grins at Sakura. "I missed him," and then turns to walk towards the boat, hands locking easily behind his head as he whistles cheerfully.
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Sakura feels the hairs on the back of her neck stand up with Sasuke's 'not now' and pointed look at her. Angry shock rakes through her and makes blood boil. She's about to go on a rampage, reminding them all that they're a team and teams work together and why the hell is she left out, she outranks both of you assholes. She's seething as she watches Sasuke walk off, fists clenched and ready to attack any bystanders.

Luckily, Naruto knows exactly what to say to cool off her temper at that time.

Naruto's carefree grin and admittance does the trick, if not catches her by surprised enough that she forgets why she was mad in the first place. She blinks away the red rimming her vision and gives him a slow, small smile back.

"Me too."

When she turns to follow the two of them on the boat, she reminds herself of the oath she made and her eyes narrow.

She wouldn't be left behind by those two again. She was going to find out the truth about Itachi.
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