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F [Mostly Drawn, Voice] NOW LOG


Where: Isla Empieza
When: 02.20 (fastforward to this date)
Style: Action posting style because MK has no idea what she's doing and forgot there was an actual JOURNAL journal comm for this.

= = = =

[See here.

There are plenty of little lines and markings forming on the pages. The lines form shapes, but they aren't letters. Or, more like they aren't letter that are instantly recognizable, but perhaps that isn't the first time that's happened.

But some of these lines are continuous, swaying one way, gently curving back. Some are short, quick strokes hastily woven together across the page. Others are smudged, redrawn, or partially "erased."

After a few minutes of initial nonsense becomes a clearer picture:

[Obviously, Hiccup redrew what he had drawn before, but no one else knows that. While the image sits there, the pages pick up a voice.]


Well, I don't think this helps much. Maybe if I did this?

[Another short block of time passes. It results in this:]

Yeah, I don't know if that helps, but...

[A breath is taken and is released as a sigh.]

I know. I've heard that there's been a dragon running around the island – what is this place called, Isla Empierrrwhatta? Emp, empiri– oh, whatever. That's not important, what's important is that I get Toothless back.

From what I've heard, he was headed toward the docks? That was days ago, I can't keep track of days and I haven't any sign of him since! So if you've seen him, please tell me.

[Pause. An afterthought:]

I'm Hiccup. I'm a Viking. Thanks.
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Oh! [That looks vaguely familiar.]

I know someone that saw a dragon, but that was couple days ago. The dragon... Toothless? [Huh.] He was looking for someone too, someone that's skinny and has brown hair.
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Not really. [The smile is there in her voice.]

It's not the most detailed description.
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So which places have you already checked on Isla Empieza?

[SUBTLE help in pronouncing the main islands name.]
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[Pretty generic but not many places a dragon can hide, let's be real.]

Okay! I'll help you look. A dragon would be hard to miss, right?

I'd try and stay in one place though. You're bound to run into each other sooner or later if you're looking for each other.
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[Generic descriptions, generic places. GENERIC ADVICE.]

The good sort of big for finding, got it. [Offers SO helpfully, she's so helpful GOSH. And a little amused.

Either way, it's a dragon. They're going to notice it no matter WHAT the size.]

Mn, well, I was looking for my friend too when I first got here.
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[Or in terms of mass how many watermelons is he?]

Yes, but... there's a lot of people here and not many dragons. I'm surprised you two haven't found each other for this long if he's as big -- but not too big - as you say.
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Fortunately [Or is it unfortunate?], it does. This place is pretty weird about time.
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Mn, I'm not really sure how to explain...

[But she will try!]

It sounds ridiculous, but it's the truth. No matter how you left your world, it will be exactly the way you left it when you return. Nobody will notice you've been gone and you won't remember this place at all. There's no consequence of being here that translates over, which is strange...

Additionally, people can be here for months even if you've just seen them back home. In other words, I believe this place exists outside space and time.
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[She's A LITTLE sorry, it's a lot to take in. She tried to make it as easy as possible to digest too.

If she had another explanation she would give it.]

That's the only reason I believe it, to be honest.

[believe it]
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I was wondering if they had a library to explain the phenomenon but... I haven't found anything. Everything we know is based on observation and first-hand experience.


Any sign of Toothless yet?
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It's been like this since I've been here. [It's said distractedly.]

We'll find him. If you're not by the docks already, I'll check there. You should stay where you are and keep asking other people. I'll let you know if I see him, Hiccup-san.

[japanese honorificskkgs]
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[Right. Names.]

Haruno Sakura. But Sakura is fine.
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[A soft exhale that's all amused.]

I know.

Good luck!