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[Log || 002] Back on Isla Empieza!

Who: The Straw Hat Crew + whoever is with them + Host Club
Where: Isla Empieza
When: 3/1 - 3/9
What: Gathering supplies, meeting up with the Host Club, other shenanigans!
Warnings: Nada
Style: Any
Status: Open to anyone on IE

This is our week of prepping for NAVY BATTLES. And stuff. Date your threads accordingly and have fun doing WUTEVAH.
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[Well, there wasn't much else to do around the island, and the inn was a popular place to be in, especially when there are still boat preparations going on. Or something to that degree – he isn't even sure anymore.

Hiccup being Hiccup, staying indoors isn't always the best thing to do. Counting the days also did nothing to help him, but there was always the hope that the ship with Toothless on it would turn up at the docks.

He steps outside of the inn, sighing as he readjusts his fur vest. Once again he will walk to the fountain and probably down to where all the ships are. Just to check.

I really should keep better track of the days...

[Despite saying it aloud, he is talking to himself. He begins his path, each light boot step being followed by a metal one.]
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[His eyes are peeled for anyone matching the description of 'short with brown hair', and from what he's gathered from the size of the saddle, really really small. There aren't a lot of people around that can match that description, so it should be easy, right?

As they approach the fountain, Hikaru veeeeery close to Toothless' side and carefully watching the locals, he catches a glimpse of someone who may match that description. Quick as a flash, he takes two long steps away from the dragon. If that's the guy, and this is anything like how he and Kaoru get when they've been separated, then he does not want to be right next to Toothless when the dragon sees him.]
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[Unfortunately, Hikaru's sudden movement has the opposite effect. Toothless looks at the boy, confused as to why he's suddenly stepping away. So of course he turns to follow. After all, aren't you leading him, Hikaru??? Toothless gives a grunt in question.

He pauses though, his earlike flaps perking. That sound....

Turning his head, Toothless looks around again. Is it, is it..?
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[Thankfully, Hiccup isn't blind. Catching something off in a crowd from his peripheral vision is one thing, but catching a large shape of black-dark is something he doesn't ignore.

Blinking rapidly, the Viking pauses, turning to look again.


[He sounds breathless, the name shaky before he tries again.]

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[okay yeah that definitely seems like the guy they're looking for

Hikaru makes a shooing motion at Toothless. He assumes Toothless is going to be bolting past him soon, and he is prepared to duck or dodge any stray dragon limbs that come near him.]

Go on, you idiot! Or is that the wrong guy?
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[Well, that definitely gets his attention. Toothless turns away from Hikaru at that, not so much due to the boy's motions as it is in response to hearing his name being called by a familiar voice.

The dragon surges forward, weaving between startled people, who for the most part helpfully go in the opposite direction once they see him coming.

He lets out a happy garble as he trots towards Hiccup. Be prepared to be bowled over, boy. And hope no cries of 'killer, man-eating dragon!' erupt in the aftermath.
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[Hiccup's face brightens. And Maybe running toward the dangerous dragon will help dispel any of those thoughts.


Even with arms wide open, he does indeed get knocked down with great gusto. He groans as he meets the floor, but that soon turns into laughter.

OOooh, thank Odin! Heeeey, bud!

[Many pets ensue. That and a glance to the side to see if anyone else is freaking out or whatever.]
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[The dragon doesn't seem to care if he's causing any undue panic again, because Hiccup's here, and he can fix most anything? Yes? Yes.

He practically stuffs his snout into the boy's gut, whuffing affectionately as he's given pats. This is way better than a voice in a book.
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[NO not everything buddy, he is only one man

Oh good grief. At this rate, Toothless' smothering may kill him. Hiccup gasps, coughing pitifully as he continues patting the dragon's head and face.

Okay! Okay, yeah, I'm here! I need to breathe, bud!!
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[Okay, okay, he gets it. Toothless steps back after one more nuzzle, sitting there to regard his Viking happily.]
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[Hiccup pushes himself off the ground once Toothless gives him room, chuckling when Toothless assumes the sitting position. After exhaling, he looks again at the scene around them.]

...Well. You're here now. And I doubt you came alone.

[That guy had to be around here somewhere. Unless he ran off? But he doubts that, too. After another pause, Hiccup gets up.]

And maybe we should also go someplace less populated.
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[No complaints there. Toothless seems to ignore the other people in the area otherwise, although as he sees Hiccup look around, the dragon does likewise. Oh, maybe he wants to see Hikaru?

Getting to his feet himself, the dragon turns around and starts back to where he'd left Hikaru, or at least, where he'd thought he'd left him. He hasn't run off, has he?
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[As if he'd leave. No, Hikaru has been going around, dispersing the unnerved locals and assuring them that Toothless is not on a bloodthirsty rampage. It's hard work to convince them, but luckily Hikaru is skilled at this sort of thing.

None of the locals are happy, but at least it doesn't seem like they're going for pitchforks and torches any more.]
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Come on. Let's go.

[As Hiccup says this, he leads Toothless off to the side. It's a little better now that people have dispersed. It shouldn't be too hard to spot Hikaru, either.]

Where is he, Toothless?
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[With a snort, Toothless easily follows at Hiccup's motion, and once they're out of the immediate way of foot traffic, the dragon scans the area. Hikaru can't be far.

Ah, and there he is, calming down the locals. The dragon grunts, and then he begins to wander towards Hikaru's position, expecting Hiccup in tow.
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[Tamaki had just finished his initial walk around of the island and saw Toothless. He had just gotten a bag of fresh fish for him when he saw that there was a guy that was not Hikaru beside Toothless. Immediately he dashed towards Toothless with a short glare on his princely face.]

Are you trying to abduct him?
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[His Tono sense is tingling! Hikaru looks around as he finishes shooing off a particularly grumpy family, and immediately spots the head of blond hair. Tono, what are you doing?

He makes a beeline for him, quickly noticing Toothless and Hiccup seem to be Tamaki's intended destination. He looks so serious, and--shit, Hikaru didn't actually tell anyone he was taking Toothless to go find Hiccup, did he? Crap.

He appears behind Tamaki just as the taller guy finishes his question, and reaches up to put his hands on his shoulders and push him down so that he can be seen over the blond idiot, without having to bother with walking around him. This way is marginally for entertaining for him.]

Mi'Lord, do you really think it would be easy for some kid to abduct a dragon?

[C'mon, seriously, look at Hiccup. He can't be older than what, ten maybe?]
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[Hiccup winces. Of course it wouldn't be that easy.]

Oh, what now– ?

[What the heck – wait a minute, he recognizes that voice. Hiccup blinks at the blond, giving him an incredulous look. That same look then falls on Hikaru, uncertian of whether or not he should be thankful there's some kind of interference here.

Excuse you, he's fifteen.]

–Yeah, but at this rate, it feels like I'm going to have to. [This is all said flatly.] You two have to be from the same ship, obviously. I'm guessing one of you is Hikaru??

[Although he glances between the two, he has an idea of which one helped take Toothless aboard the ship in the first place.]
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[Another familiar scent catches his attention, and the dragon pauses and blinks, somewhat surprised at the mood he senses from Tamaki. He almost recoils from the blond, stepping back a little as he eyes him uncertainly. What happened? Why was he upset?

Toothless glances at Hikaru who saves them the trouble of going after as he comes up towards them then. He groans inquiringly at the humans present, not very happy with the atmosphere.
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I don't know. He might have accomplices. I promised we'd protect Toothless!
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Who are you?

[He glances up at the other boy.]

How do you know one of us is Hikaru???
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[Tamaki, don't make it so easy for Hikaru to mess with you. He pokes the side of Tamaki's head twice, and then points at Hiccup.] He's psychic, Tono.

[With that sorted, Hikaru releases the blond and takes a few long strides over to Hiccup and Toothless. The noise the dragon made didn't seem too happy, but Hikaru's not sure he can do anything about that except give him a bit of a pat as he passes.

He bends at the waist to get a closer look at Hiccup, and walks around him in as much of a circle as possible with a dragon blocking off one side.]

You're not very impressive, you know. [He straightens, looking at Hiccup with a critical eye. What happened to that leg?] Aren't vikings supposed to be tougher?

[No, he's not going to answer the question about one of them being Hikaru. It should be pretty obvious, and if it's not, then that's not Hikaru's problem.]
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Really?? Are you sure?

[He's seen a talking pony. A talking pegasus/unicorn. He's seen a dragon. It's not so hard to believe that a psychic exists. ]
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[Tamaki stands up and goes to Hikaru's side. Giving Toothless a gentle hug and hold.]

Viking? Who's a viking?

[They're supposed to be large and dominating right?]
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I'm Hiccup. The one who was looking for Toothless?

[If that helps ring any bells, anyway.Reassuring Toothless with extra pats is the other thing Hiccup does while the two academy students speak, arching a brow at their familiarity with one another.

It sort of reminds him of his friends and how weird they can be, all right.

Hey– ??

[As Hikaru approaches, he takes a step back, turning slightly as he's circled. And upon that observation, he frowns.]

Yeah, I get that a lot. My dad and almost everyone else in my village fits that description better.

I'm not a psychic – whatever that is. I'm very sure I spoke with both of you that one time, though. And I'm here alone, so you don't have to worry about being ambushed.

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