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[07] north country winters keep a-gettin' me down

Who: Crew of Murderess/Howling Sabers
Where: West of Empieza
When: Month of March. Top post starts beginning of month; mark dates in new threads to maintain some semblance of continuity. :Db
What: Catch-all for March posts -- will include Captain fight at least.
Warnings: Violence as ever
Style: Anything that'll move!
Status: Open to anyone actually on board or nearby

They'd spent a month docked at Empieza, and finally they were on the move. Sasuke wouldn't deny that they had perhaps needed the time -- to get the ship back into shape, for one, and to pick up a medic-nin, even if that hadn't been in the plans. But an entire month of one small island and an even smaller ship had left Sasuke about as stir-crazy as he could get, and the presence of said medic-nin and her entourage only exacerbated it.

He'd told Naruto and Sakura that he hadn't been doing nothing since arrival, but in all honesty, in terms of real progress, he'd accomplished nothing. Nothing of use, nothing of real import, for all that they had a shard on board and no one had been possessed to kill everyone else recently.

So it was that Sasuke was in the rigging in a better mood than he'd been in all month as they sailed away from the island, heading for rendezvous with the crew of the sailboat that had gone to find fairies.
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get healed

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The reason why Sasuke invited her onto the ship can finally be put to use in the battle with the captain. She's a healer and a damned good one at that; she's been trained by the best in the business back home. There aren't many injuries she couldn't fix with her "magical powers." As such, she's going to be staying on board the Murderess and making sure everyone remains living and breathing and fighting.

As much as she'd like to destroy the attacking ship with her bare fist.

She's low on materials though, only carrying what she has in her back pouch from the war, which is a couple small rolls of bandages. A lot of her medic duties she fixes with her jutsu, whittling down her chakra. As she works, she tries to get updates from her crew since she's unable to fight herself or even really see it since she's holed up in the safety of the ship.

"What's the enemy's status?"
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[voicing in]

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[With Sasuke and Naruto on the attack, she's not surprised.

She would help loot herself but there's a couple stragglers she needs to tend to.]

Anything you can find. Particularly bandages, I'm low.

But what about you? Are you injured?
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[voicing in > action]

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Sasuke-kun!! [But she's immediately summoning Katsuyu before he can answer with a quick bite to her thumb. The same version of Katsuyu appears when she had first summoned her to Isla Empieza to confirm her presence on the battlefield and the disconnect from the flow from time.

She's shoving her bandages back in her bag when she finally addresses the slug.]

Katsuyu-sama, please help anyone that comes in here with my chakra. I'll heal remotely.

[And then she's off, moving quickly to reach the other ship and search for Sasuke.]
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[Thankfully, yes, they're uninjured. Sakura makes her entrance the only way she can:

From above with a fist burying into the deck and sending wood up in splinters.]


[It's probably too much in case they want the ship later but at least she held back enough that she didn't wreck the entire thing. There's just a new feature that allows fast travel to below deck.

She drops into that hole, looking around and calling out. If Sasuke was in trouble, then the rest of the crew was too.]

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[They aren't expecting a pink-haired girl standing about five foot three to come forward and bury her knee into one of their stomachs, causing her victim to double over. Her hands then ball into fists and she slams them down onto a back hard enough that there's a resounding crash.

One down.

Sakura looks up just in time to arch away from a swing of a blade before she's shoving her hand into her pouch as she creates a few feet of disance between them. She tugs out one of the few kunai she still possesses. The next attack she deflects by swinging upwards, a loud clang of metal, and with it she throws her enemy off balance and onto the heels of his feet.

The first probably gets the less painful knockout because now Sakura lowers her body, curls her fist at her side, and uncoils powerfully to land a fierce chakra-infused uppercut.

The body flies comically up above deck through the hole she created to land somewhere where she can't see.

After her two are taken care of, she turns to Sasuke. You know her fists don't lie.]
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[You make a man look pathetic in combat.

Her brow furrows. If they had the means to set up an ambush, then the enemy wasn't as easily overwhelmed as they originally thought. Then that means it's possible they're walking into a trap right now.]

No. I mean, not that I know of. As soon as you dropped the journal, I summoned Katsuyu and came to back you up.

[She pauses, alarmed.]

Where's Naruto?
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Re: [action]

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Sounds familiar. [When she first arrived on Empieza, he said the same thing.

But a moment ago, it was down here. Her eyes do widen and she looks up through the makeshift skylight she created.

Sasuke isn't wrong.]
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Re: [action]

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[Sakura looks at Sasuke a little flabbergasted at that response until they're attacked.

As she thought, it's a trap.

If anyone's predictable, it's the people from this ship. That is, until they think a net is going to contain or hinder them. They obviously don't know who they're dealing with.


But she does stumble backwards into Sasuke, bumping into him so they're standing back to back. Maybe if the rope sealed their chakra, it would be a threat. Now it's just sort of stupid.]

I'll take one half and you take the other?
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[Sakura is dusting her hands off, proud, when Sasuke returns, her pile bruised and battered and unconscious.]


[It's not like murder was uncommon for a ninja but Sakura wasn't okay with genocide for no reason. They couldn't hurt them now, right? It would be easy to disappear in an ocean anyway.

She guesses as long as she doesn't have to do it...

Her eyes trail to their respective piles and gives him a sidelong glance.]

You're okay with that?
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Re: [action]

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[Sakura doesn't realize she's holding her breath until Sasuke's answer makes her exhale slowly. When Naruto had... made a scene with Scurvey, L-Elf had approached her with the threat that if she didn't keep him under control then he would take matters into his own hands.

She was right in suspecting that it wasn't going to be anything she was okay with.

Her eyes move back to the piles of beaten bodies. Her inner thoughts go at war; one side (logical/realistic) raises a point from before that as long as she didn't see it, it didn't happen. She's a ninja and people die all the time. The other (more Naruto/emotional/medic influenced) is telling her that there's no point in killing them if they were hardly even a threat to the two of them. They would be even less of a threat to the whole crew.

She makes her decision.]

I'll stay here and try to gather intel on whoever is the least unconscious.

[As if on cue, there's a pained groan.]

Do you think there's more hiding?